Rigging Services

Cookes has a national network of highly skilled riggers that offer bespoke solutions to industry challenges. Our riggers are experts at fibre & wire rope splicing, socketing wire ropes, creating design specific web slings and the assembly and maintenance of chain slings.We have horizontal tensile test beds at every branch to carry out load testing requirements. Each branch is equipped with vertical testing machines to carry out essential functional load tests for all lifting machines.We offer on-site services where they are required to ensure minimal downtime of your equipment.

Rigging of chains & fittings

Cookes riggers & technicians are experts at the manufacture/assembly of chain clings and chain sling repair. Our team are LEEA qualified and certified ensuring they always follow best practices in assembly and repair. We use grade 50, 80, 100 and 12 chain from new Zealand’s leading suppliers including excel, yoke & RUD to ensure you equipment is safe and up to the task.

Wire Rope Rigging

Cookes trained & experienced riggers are experts at working with wire ropes. Our team can cut, splice, socket and assemble slings of small and large diameters as required.

Fibre Rope Rigging

The Cookes rigging team have trained professionals that can work with Dyneema fibre ropes to manufacture light weight strong lifting slings that increase safety and performance. Made from high quality Dynamica sk78 Dyneema fibre ropes and high-quality alloy steel master links, shackles our equipment is made to last. Our team can also undertake splicing on a range of different ropes for use in various applications.

Load Testing

Cookes offer a range of load testing services to ensure your equipment is safe and fit for purpose. Our LEEA trained qualified team can undertake destruction testing of lifting equipment to identify it’s max load and determine max breaking load and the safe working load limit. Proof load testing can also be undertaken to determine the durability of your load bearing equipment. Functional load testing is also offered to test the equipment in all functional loads the system will be subject to throughout use.