Clamping Force

It is vital that when undertaking lifting operations with chain slings that we understand the clamping force and what impact it will have on our load. 

Chain sling angle diagrams to display small and increased clamping force

Multi-leg slings impact a ‘clamping force’ or a compressive force on the load which increases as the included angle is increased.


The slinger should be aware of this force so it may be used to advantage.

For example, with this shape of load, the clamping force is used to good effect in ensuring that the hooks are clamped tightly against the load.

A minimum of 60°  included angle between the legs is required.



Cases have occurred where the load has not been rigid enough to withstand the clamping pressure.

Slingers should be aware of this danger and take steps to reduce the clamping force in the case of crushable loads e.g. lightweight frames.

Information provided courtesy of Crosby Kuplex.