Inspection of height safety harnesses

What is a height safety harness?

A height safety harness is a device worn by a person while working at heights with the intended purpose being prevention of falling. A harness sis usually connected to an anchor point such as a temporary or permanent fall arrest system. When using height safety equipment such as a height safety harness, it is essential it is compliant and safe to use.



How often do my harnesses need to be inspected?

The frequency of these inspections should be within 6 monthly intervals. Where a height safety harness is used in harsher environments, the inspection should happen more frequently.

Cookes provide on-site and off-site in-service inspection testing of height safety equipment to ensure your harnesses are safe to use.


What's involved in a harness inspection?


  • Examination of the manufacturers tag (this needs to be legible)
  • Visual inspection of the hardware
  • Visual inspection of the webbing
  • Re tagging of the harness or discard
  • Asset added or updated to your BriCert equipment register

Our guarantee is that at the time of inspection a LEEA trained and certified test technician has identified the product as safe to use and fit for purpose or a an unsafe risk that needs to be discarded.

Request a quote for cookes to visit your site and test your height safety equipment or for a drop in service. 

The results of our services are measured in your peace of mind. 

Rob Smit

Business Manager, Services
Rob Smit