Our Industries

As part of the Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group (BBRG) we’re the world’s leading wire and fibre rope technology company, and the name that’s been at the heart of building our nation - doing New Zealand’s heavy lifting, hauling, hoisting, trawling, digging (and more) for over a century.
If you’re looking for wire and fibre rope, netting, lifting and rigging equipment or height safety gear for use in a wide range of industries, you’ve come to the right place.

We make supply and distribute the very best industrial and engineering products. We’re also experts in ensuring whatever equipment you use, it’s fit for purpose with our in-house and mobile non-destructive testing and specialist rigging services.

Take a look around... whatever you need, we have the answer.

Cranes and Construction

Building, Cranes, Water Infrastructure, Bridges

Cookes has been supplying wire rope and lifting equipment to the cranes and construction sectors in New Zealand for more than 100 years. As the New Zealand brand of Bridon-Bekaert the Ropes Group
we have access to world-leading product & rope technologies that offer enhanced rope life and reduced machine downtime.

Our knowledge, skill, and expertise in the lifting industry allow us to offer bespoke lifting, height safety and rigging solutions that maximise safety and efficiency on your site.

Our LEEA accredited Test Technicians are available to inspect, repair & certify your lifting equipment, allowing you to get on with the job safely.


Harvest, Log Transport, Wood Processing & Export

2018 saw more than 35 million cubic meters of roundwood harvested and transported around the country to sawmills, pulp and paper plants and ports for export.

Cookes is New Zealand's only end to end solutions provider to the forestry sector. Our equipment is used to increase harvesting efficiency, safely transport logs across New Zealand, lift haul and shift equipment in processing plants and lift and lash logs for export. 

Where required Cookes can provide on-site service and testing and inspection of you equipment, ensuring you meet all legislative & statutory requirements. This is backed up with our cloud based asset management system BriCert to ensure your equipment always remains compliant. 

Fishing and Aquaculture

Commercial fishing & Aquaculture

New Zealand has the fourth largest marine fisheries waters in the world and the ninth longest coastline making us an ocean territory ‘superpower’. This translates to approximately 600,000 tonnes of seafood (excluding Aquaculture) is harvested from New Zealand waters each year.

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing primary industry and demand for aquaculture products is expected to strengthen significantly as the world’s population grows and wild-catch levels remain relatively static.

It is one of the world’s most efficient forms of food production and is considered a sustainable solution to feeding the world. The New Zealand aquaculture industry has positioned itself at the high-end of the market, exporting premium seafood products around the world.

Cookes are proud to support New Zealand's Fishing and Aquaculture industries in driving sustainable fishing practices through performance products and services.

Engineering & Energy

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas and industrial 

Cookes is proud to provide high-performance product solutions and services to New Zealand's energy & engineering sectors. 
New Zealand's electrical energy generation and transmission & distribution market are vital to the running of our day to day lives. Cookes is proud to offer high-quality products and innovative services to support our energy sector. 
As the New Zealand brand of Bridon-Bekaert, we are also a leading supplier of high-performance steel wire and synthetic fibre ropes to the oil & gas industry. With our; in-service testing and inspection services and lifting equipment, we are New Zealand's leading supplier to the oil & gas industry.
In industrial sectors such as manufacturing and engineering, our equipment and cookes 360 services allow maintenance engineers and operators to undertake their day to day operations safely. 

Transport & Shipping

Road Transport, Rail,Shipping, Port & Maritime Cranes

As an Island nation, New Zealand is heavily reliant on the transportation of goods both around the country and export/import by sea.

Sea freight is an essential component of New Zealand's transport infrastructure both within New Zealand and as a conduit to global trade. Our expert knowledge in load restraint and lifting ensure the smooth operation of New Zealand ports.

Within New Zealand, more than 90% of New Zealand's total freight is transported by road. Cookes high-performance load restraint and recovery products supports heavy haulage and general freighting within New Zealand.


Mining & Quarry, Civil Engineering & Mobile Plant

Cookes has decades of experience in New Zealand's mining & quarry and civil engineering sectors. We work with customers to create tailored solutions that add value to your business by reducing downtime and offering cost-effective solutions and services. 

Our high-performance GET is renowned for its quality and longevity. Our knowledgeable staff work with you to ensure you have the right equipment for the conditions. 

Agriculture and Horticulture

Agriculture, Horticulture & Processing

New Zealand has been built on Agriculture. For more than 100 years New Zealand farmers have used Cookes products to help build there industry.Our high performance-product and service solutions allow New Zealand agriculture to be the world leader in technology and innovation. 

Cookes as the New Zealand brand of Bridon-Bekaert offer a range of quality products and services to support increased productivity within the horticultural industry. Increasing environmental pressures and decreasing land availability mean agriculture can not feed the growing population but horticulture can. Our single strand wire, spun stay wire and wide range of fittings should be an integral part of your horticulture infrastructure project.