Manufacturing and service lubricants

 High performance wire rope maunfacturing lubricants and service dressings

3 industry challenges cause
Loss of Lubricant

Deep waters

High pressure in deep waters break down the rope lubricants components and cause permanent loss or degradation.

High temperatures

When using "active heave compensating system" and "cyclic bending over sheaves", a lot of heat is generated, which softens wax-based lubricants and results in a loss of lubricant.

Hot climate

Working the lubricant around 60°C (against 110°C drop point) causes wax to become fluid.

Loss of lubricant causes:

  • Corrosion, causing premature rope failure or reduced service life
  • Evironmental impact concerns
  • Deck safety issue's with lubricant "fling off"
  • Increased maintenance costs

we developed


Traditional wire rope lubricants suitable for a wide range of off-shore applications

  • Suitable for sub-sea deployment with good wash-off protection
  • corrosion protection
  • wear resistant


Developed to perform in more challenging environments

  • Enhanced rope lubricant, manufactured with a unique hybrid grease, suitable for operation in ultra deep waters
  • A wide operating temperature range, suitable for active heave compensation systems and warmer tropical climates
  • Along with a three stage corrosion protection system with a unique "water wash off" performance for frequent subsea operations

The goal to a longer and safer rope operating life

The Challenge

The Value

The goal

Temperature  considers specific application and operating environment  flexibility accross all operating geographies and climates (arctic to tropical)
Enables deepwater & ultra deep water operation
 Structural stability during and after ultra deepwater deployment
Retention   Resist water wash off at splash zone and fling off in high speed operations  continued protection of wire rope surface
Corrosion protection Primary barrier against sea water corrosion longer roper service life
Physical   High load bearing capability & high anti-wear characteristics  longer rope operating life



High performance traditional lubricant suitable for a wide range of offshore applications
  • Temperate climate
    •  Operational -40°C to +60°C
    • Drop point 100°C to 110°C
    • Break point -55°C
  • Subsea deployement (up to 1000m)
  • Wash off protection
  • Wear resistance


Advanced high performance hybrid grease developed to perform in more challenging environments
  • Suitable for 'active heave compensator' systems
  • Artic and tropical climates
    •  Operational -40°C to +120°C
    • Drop point +163°C
    • Breaking point -60°C
  • Subsea deployment in ultra deep waters
  • Enhanced wash off protection
  • Extreme corrosion protection
  • Greater wear resistance

Manufacturing lubricant application levels

Core Closing

Rope Closing    
Typical Usage Recommended where lubricant deposits may cause issue Recommended for typical overhead crane applications Recommended for subsea applications & long term storage 

Service lubricants high pressure spray applications


 FIT Brilube 70**¨*
A medium thixotropic gel lubricant with stable properties over a wide temperature range offering long lasting corrosion protection

 Brilube Ultra 2***
A unique hybrid grease, suitable for operation in ultra deep waters. A wide operting temperature range suitable for active heave compensation systems and warmer tropical climates. Along with a three stage corrosion protection system with a unique 'water wash off' performance for frequent subsea operation.

High Pressure Applicator

Uniquely developed high pressure spray

Service lubricants low pressure spray applications


FIT Brilube 30**
A semi-dry thin film lubricant excellent penetration and corrorion resisting properties for surface cranes.

FIT Brilube 40*
A synthetic lubricant which deposits a slip-resistance film on the wire surfaces for friction driven rope installations

Low Pressure Applicator

Uniquely developed low pressure spray applicator

  • Easy 'back pack' style application
  • 1-4 bar pressure
  • Saves time
  • Cost effective

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