Our Partner Brands

´╗┐Cookes are New Zealand's preferred partner for the worlds leading industrial and commercial brands

Distributors for

leading industrial lifting brands

The Crosby Group

Proudly the authorised New Zealand distributor for The Crosby Group. 

Crosby is the world leader in the rigging, heavy lifting, and securement industries. They set the standard for quality, training, and technical expertise in the field.
Yoke, Safety is our first priority logo


Proudly the New Zealand distributor for Yoke industrial, high performance lifting equipment. 

Since 1985, the professional manufacturer of industrial safe lifting components, YOKE Industrial Corp, has been known for its research, development and innovation


New Zealand's authorised distributor for RUD grade 120 lifting chain and fittings & ICE-CURT lashing chain. 

RUD is a global manufacturer and innovator of high performance grade 120 lifting and lashing chains and fittings for the worlds most demanding applications. RUD is a forward thinking company that offers future oriented solutions. 

Cookes is proud to offer the RUD range into New Zealand. 

Van Beest

Proudly New Zealand's only authorised distributor of Van Beest Green Pin shackles in New Zealand. 

Van Beest is a leading manufacturer and supplier for a complete program of high quality fittings for lifting chain and steel wire rope. Their products are used in many markets and applications. 


Cookes is proud to be New Zealand's authorised supplier of Kito manufactured electric hoists, lever hoists & chain blocks and lifting chains. 

Kito's main products are materials-handling equipment, including hoists and cranes. They are often used in severe and even dangerous work environments.

Black Snake Logo

Black Snake

Cookes is proud to be the authorised New Zealand distributor of the innovative Australian manufactured Black Snake product range. The high performance Black Snake strops love tough conditions and offer our customers a great alternative to webbing straps, fibre ropes, round slings, chains or wire ropes for heavy towing or recovery work.

Distributors for

leading suppliers of height safety equipment


Proudly New Zealand leading supplier of the LINQ range of height safety harnesses, lanyards, inertia reels and accessories.

Paramount Safety Group is a wholly owned Australian company and is the name behind ProChoice® Safety Gear, THORZT Hydration, PRATT Safety Systems and LINQ Height Safety.


New Zealands only authorised distributor of the worlds leading innovator in permanent and temporary height safety solutions. 

Innotech is a manufacturer of high performance, anchor points, lifeline, guardrail systems and PPE. Their innovative Taurus rail system is world renowned for its low deflection characteristics and its ability to be used in all directions and installed on any structure. 

Tuff Built

Proudly the authorised distributor and supplier of the Tuff Built product range in New Zealand.

Tuff Built provides over 50 years of collective experience in designing and manufacturing cutting edge solutions to industry problems. Our new developments have been the bench mark models for products in the Safety and Fire Industry.


We are proud to supply and distribute mittleman height safety rescue equipment to the New Zealand market. 

Mittlemann's complete offering includes rescue devices, harnesses, fall arresters, safety ropes , rescue equipment and complete Personal safety systems

Distributors for

World leading fishing & aquaculture brands


New Zealand's most trusted fishing brand. Gourock is Cookes very own perfromance fishing brand. 

The History of Cookes and Gourock stretches back more than 100 years. Today Gourock is the brand at the heart of New Zealand's fishing industry - Cookes is proud to continue offering Gourock fibre ropes, hooks, and floats to New Zealand's fishing industries.  


Cookes is the authorised distributor for DSR synthetic fibre ropes in New Zealand. 

DSR is a global manufacturer of fit for purpose fibre ropes for a wide range of applications and markets. 

Morenot Fishery

Authorised suppliers for Morenot fishery, the worlds leader in high perfromance trawl, purse seine and long line equipment. 

Mørenot Fishery manufactures and supplies all types of fishing gear, from high quality purse seine to reliable longline equipment. They are present in all major markets and their extensive experience makes them our preferred supplier of fishing equipment.


Proudly New Zealand's authorised distributor for one of the worlds highest quality fishing brands. 

Momoi Fishing is the pioneer of fishing line developments. In 1951, it became the first company in the world to adopt synthetic fiber as the material for fishing lines.

Distributors for

Leading earthmoving brands


Cookes is proud to supply Bradkens high performance GET equipment to New Zealand's Earthmoving sectors.

Bradken is a  world leading solutions providers for mining equipment parts. Bradken specialises in the innovative design and manufacture of cast and fabricated iron and steel products for the mining sector along with a range of other markets.

Ford Steel

Proudly New Zealand's authorised distributor for Wearalloy. 

Ford Steel manufacture and supply the Wearalloy range of steel. Wearalloy 400, 450, and 500 are heat treated quenched and tempered alloy steels that are used in applications where shock and abrasion are the primary cause of failure.