March 20 - Update to customers

Mar 20 2020

COVID-19 A note to customers, contractors and suppliers.

At Cookes, the Health, Safety and wellbeing of the public, our customers and team remain paramount, especially as we all navigate the uncharted waters surrounding the Covid-19 crisis globally and nationally.

We continue to look towards the Government, Ministry of Health and Worksafe NZ to provide education and guidance in managing the risk of exposure to the disease.   We are implementing additional risk reduction strategies in line with guidance from our global Parent Company Bekaert to further safeguard our people, customers, suppliers and the public.  We will continue to act on the side of caution, even if the measures we are taking may exceed those of the authorities

Our “business as usual” approach now reflects these strategies.  Access to our sites by visitors, contractors and deliveries requires a Declaration Form to be completed prior to entry being granted.  Once on our site, additional safety and hygiene requirements are in place.  Please liaise with your Cookes contact for additional information.

Naturally we will do the same when any of our team visit your sites, and we understand and will respect any safety measures you have identified and implemented in your business.  Please feel free to ask our team member to provide you with a copy of their declaration form if required.  We also ask you not to be alarmed should any of our staff be wearing additional PPE such as masks while at your site; this is a measure to provide additional protection only and does not indicate they are a risk.

We recognise that for many of our customers you rely on our products and services as an integral part of your business, and the integrity of our supply chain is important.  We have been working closely with our suppliers and freight companies to provide assurance of orders and deliveries.  To date we have not been advised of any issues.  Should access to some items be challenging due to restrictions at the supplier’s end, we will do all we can to leverage our extensive global network of suppliers to source the right product. 

We take the safety and health of our teams very seriously and we are monitoring the available information continually to assess the potential impact on our teams, our operations and ability to continue to serve our customers with the same quality of service.  We hope the situation will settle and resume to normal soon. 

Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions.